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  1. How and when did you first hear of The Birthday Massacre?
  2. What happened to Aslan?
  3. Blue - Music Video
  4. Video Kid - Music Video
  5. Nevermind - Music Video
  6. Walking With Strangers - Fav Song?
  7. New Song Name?
  8. Looking For
  9. Anyonw going to see them with MSI?
  10. Walking With Strangers website
  11. The band to join the board?
  12. TBM spell
  13. Nothing and Nowhere
  14. Interview with Carpe Nocturne.
  16. You and the band - picture thread!
  17. Guitar Tabs and Piano Notes for Blue?
  18. Me playing...
  19. New "The Dream" Video!
  20. Looking Glass video!
  21. German Merch Site
  22. GOOD TBM live videos!
  23. EP in spring?
  24. Contest for SIGNED BAND MERCHANDISE (and more!!)
  25. Mindless Self Indulgence
  26. Rhim's YouTube Question
  27. What's going on with the old board?
  28. The Birthday Massacre Remix MSI's "Never Wanted To Dance"
  29. New Official Myspace Street Team /FanSite page
  30. song game
  31. The Allure of the Birthday Massacre
  32. "Video Kid" synth intro lesson
  33. Birthday Massacre - Looking Glass (ep)
  34. Please Help Me Get This Petion off the Ground!
  35. Banners and Logos
  36. New Interview
  37. Pretty pathetic when people rip off good bands
  38. Releasing Music in a Lossleess Format.
  39. Which version is better: Over
  40. Which version is better: Remember Me
  41. "Looking Glass" Video Premiere!
  42. Which version is better: Under the Stairs
  43. Your thoughts on "Shiver"
  44. Still looking for
  45. April 1st 9pm MYSPACE
  46. Looking Glass
  47. Our YouTube Channel needs help!
  48. Can anyone help?
  50. Things you do to make it known you're a TBM fan?
  52. Favorite Birthday Massacre Songs
  53. Attn: The band. I would like a better-quality version of 'The Neverending Story'
  54. Looking for old/rare TBM songs?
  55. TBM Syncs
  56. "Looking Glass" EP pre-orders
  57. M. Falcore
  58. Happy Birthday CHIBI!
  59. The Birthday Massacre on DeviantArt
  60. Review of Looking Glass EP and a NEW album is in the works!
  61. Birthday Massacre Interview
  62. Remix of 'Fallen Hero' by Funker Vogt
  63. New TBM shirt for sale
  64. TBM VS Destiny Child?
  65. fandmade TBM stuff
  66. When/Where/How did you first hear TBM?
  67. Favorite TBM Lyrics
  68. TBM Song Meanings
  69. tBM tour 2008
  70. Keep Voting for MTV U !
  71. MSI as TBM friendly?
  72. Action Needed ASAP - on mtvU
  73. Songs you'd like to hear TBM cover..
  74. Exclusive Mash-up
  75. tBM Flash Banner
  76. the Blue DVD...
  77. New interview with Chibi!
  78. Where does the band get their clothes?
  79. Exclusive Interview /w Rainbow & Live Photo Gallery!
  80. Video-Interviews
  81. New Interview up at Vampire Freaks
  82. TBM T-Shirts
  83. Running rabbit icon
  84. Nighttime and Nothing and Nowhere
  85. Do you have a ? for the band? Interviewing them tonight!
  86. No matter how hard I search, I just can't find...
  87. Who else wishes TBM would record "Velvet" and "Make Believe?"
  88. TBM Demos
  89. A message to the band
  90. Velvet and Make belive on youtube.
  91. nothingandnowhere.com background music
  92. The Knight Murders
  93. The Birthday Massacre DVD and more...
  95. Fansites and whatnot
  96. New music video ?
  97. Original Nothing & Nowhere
  98. Happy Birthday,Owen!!!
  99. The Birthday Massacre on MTV2?
  100. Oh yay, Rhim was around!
  101. What makes that sound?
  102. The Remixes!
  103. What Do You Want The Next TBM Album To Sound Like?
  104. Chibi's ethnicity
  105. Nowhere
  106. Son of a bitch, I lost that Nothing & Nowhere auction.
  107. Live Album?
  108. TBM in ads!!!!
  109. 5 QUESTIONS !!!
  110. Remember when TBM uploaded that Science demo with lyrics from QoH?
  111. THe Birthday Massacre in a porn. Open at your own discretion (18+ content)
  112. Aslan's new album
  113. TBM Whispers
  114. Where can I find old Imagica era photos?
  115. Hi what kind of distortion?
  116. Looking Glass Video
  117. What happened to walkingwithstrangers.com?
  118. Violet Font
  119. Fake Imagica CD on Ebay
  121. Help! OWEN Info Help!
  122. Which Memeber Are You In Love With
  123. OE and Rhim
  124. Happy Birthday OE!
  125. It's Rainbow's Birthday
  126. New TBM project
  127. TBM in Fiend 16
  128. nothingandnowhere.com MIA
  129. Happy Birthday Rhim *-*
  130. New TBM podcast interview up.
  131. How often do you meet other fans?
  132. PETA Interview with Chibi
  133. Interview
  134. Which Version Of "To Die For" Do You Prefer ?
  135. Don't you think TBM should do a remake of
  136. Who Should TBM Tour With?
  137. dvd?
  138. The Knight Murders remix?
  139. New TBM Fanpage
  140. "Blue" dolls.
  141. A heartfelt thank you to TBM
  142. Red Stars Cover
  143. Has anyone else noticed ...
  144. TBM Tabs?
  145. Signed Stuff from TBM
  146. WWS Xmas Layout
  147. simliarities, does anyone notice this?
  148. make believe
  149. Petition to re-record Neverending Story
  150. TBM News on New Year's Day.
  151. TBM's gear
  152. Question about the lyrics to "Video Kid"
  153. TBM fan get together EU??!!!
  154. Online Prices / Feb Shows on Tickemaster
  155. Sweet Tweets - TBM on Twitter
  156. TBM DVD Photos
  157. Eventfull, Demand it!
  158. Just Talkin'
  159. How do you want the new TBM record to sound like?
  160. CD/DVD Update!
  161. Original Violet CD
  162. Clothing designers
  163. TicketsNow / TicketMaster / iLike
  164. A gift for the band
  165. New Remix, live tracks, tour & more
  166. Birthday massacre remix contests?
  167. Aslan remixes.
  168. Video Blog - send us yer questions
  169. New York In-store Signing @Vampirefreaks store
  170. Chibi's Vocals- Front or Back?
  171. The Birthday Massacre Phone Interview!
  172. TBM RSS news feed *suggestion*
  173. Least Favourite Song
  174. What Songs Should They Cover?
  175. 9 MILLION on MySpace
  176. Anyone Else Had This Problem With "Show And Tell"?
  177. What do certain songs remind you of/make you think of?
  178. TBM.com
  179. Any live reviews?
  180. Why do you love TBM?
  181. The next album??
  182. Do TBM members post here?
  183. Intro to Video Kid
  184. Band Merch
  185. The Birthday Massacre - Oxford Interview & Photographs (July 2009)
  186. Annoying Girls Bash TBM
  187. Vote for The Birthday Massacre
  188. TBM-video from Nosturi-club, Finland, July 29th 2009
  189. The "Last Chance" FreeFest Ticket Thread.
  190. interview with Chibi and Rainbow (Taste iT Tv)
  191. Chibi's WWE Theme vocals
  192. Original Nothing and Nowhere CD
  193. Chibi/Kill Hannah Collaboration
  194. That Imagica Website
  195. Favourite Album?
  196. Updated fanmail address??
  197. Best Birthday Massacre Halloween Song?
  198. New TBM interview in B.S zine #35
  199. Under The Stairs - Live Video
  200. What equipment / effects do they use on the guitars? + keyboard
  201. Can't be just me who thinks Chibi looks alot like...
  202. a product of my boredom and obsession...
  203. TBM Live Photos
  204. Leaf Pile TV Interview
  205. What's your favorite TBM filler-instrumental track? Favorite old songs/unreleased?
  206. New Blog from TBM - The creatures are stirring!
  207. TBM Sew-on Patch
  208. Comparing TBM's "Movie" to "Doot-Doot" by Freur
  209. how many of you are impatient as ever for the new tbm disc?
  210. Show And Tell DVD - EASTER EGGS
  211. What's your favorite The Birthday Massacre song, TODAY?
  212. The February Video Extravaganza
  213. Mailing List
  214. TBM on Twitter
  215. FREE Birthday Massacre Live DVD!
  216. TBM on Rock Band?
  217. The Birthday Massacre Wiki
  218. Is it just me, or...?
  219. Anyone getting bored?
  220. Someone explain this NOW
  221. Pins And Needles, New Album Dated: September 14
  222. Vinyl, available? if not, let's get on them to release some!
  223. 1st single from P&N: In the Dark
  224. New Songs from Pins and Needles?
  226. Exclusive on the set of 'In The Dark'
  227. Uh Oh, I Made A Boo-Boo
  228. Just curious....
  229. iTunes?
  230. Possibility of re-recording "Nothing and Nowhere"?
  231. Management info?
  232. First review of PINS AND NEEDLES
  233. Chibi looks HOT in this
  234. "In the Dark" Is Here
  235. Anyone else get their CD early?
  236. South America Fans!?
  237. General themes to albums?
  238. Old Imagica website?
  239. Tattoos
  240. Conversations with the band
  241. Pins And Needles album credits?
  242. The Birthday Massacre Fanz
  243. Rhim's Charity Marathon
  244. My tbm tattoo
  245. In The Dark Credits Music?
  246. Pins and Needles Website
  247. Hardangelfan is a gentleman and a scholar.
  248. How to book an interview?
  249. Filming gigs?
  250. TBM Stuff in inappropriate everyday situations