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Conversation Between XxSammyxX and Plague Kitty
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  1. Plague Kitty
    04-17-2016 02:18 AM
    Plague Kitty
    Thank you~!!!!!! *Hugs!*
  2. XxSammyxX
    04-15-2016 10:02 PM
    Happy birthday
  3. Plague Kitty
    06-29-2015 03:04 AM
    Plague Kitty
    *Squeals~!!!!!!!!!* Yes!!!!!!!

    Omg, Garbage!!!!

    Gurl, I'm an XL ^.^

    Thank you!!!!

    Do you have anymore clothing stores online that sell plus size? I could use some. Gonna go online shopping this week. So, you really chose the perfect time! :3

    My styles are dark, gothy, classy, sometimes casual, a bit edgy and sexy (but not slutty! Lol) and also cute!

    When the shirt arrives, take a photo please and show me~!!! Either on here or tag me on FB. :3
  4. XxSammyxX
    06-27-2015 11:11 AM
    Do you like clothes shopping? I saw this and thought of you because we both like this band:

    They only carry plus sizes and I don't know what clothing size you wear but I saw it and thought of you I bought mine in a 3x.
  5. XxSammyxX
    09-15-2014 09:32 PM
    Aww...I've seen that picture before. That's one of my favorite pictures of Chibi, actually Thank you!
  6. Plague Kitty
    09-14-2014 12:22 AM
    Plague Kitty

    I thought you might like this ^.^

  7. Plague Kitty
    08-03-2014 07:37 PM
    Plague Kitty
    I was digging through my old Photobucket and I thought you might like this:

    You can use it this Halloween if you'd like as your signature. I didn't make it (just snagged it at an old forum from a person I didn't like )
  8. XxSammyxX
    05-18-2014 10:14 AM
    -Take Me Away

    Those are my top 3
  9. Plague Kitty
    05-18-2014 12:09 AM
    Plague Kitty
    Ah, okay. I'll give those songs a listen.

    And I hear ya. I can't listen to that song anymore. Unless I'm in that fragile mood and I HAVE to listen to it. >.< *Hugs*

    What's your favorite song? Mine are:

    -Don't Tell Me
    -I'm With You
    -Get Over It
  10. XxSammyxX
    05-17-2014 10:37 PM
    I haven't listened to all of it, but Bad Girl, Rock N Roll and Hello Kitty are so catchy and fun to listen to. It's nice to meet another fan. The only song I don't like by her is Nobody's Home. I saw the video and literally cry just typing the name of the song

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