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Conversation Between NaomiMittens and Love Becomes a Ghost
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  1. NaomiMittens
    06-08-2013 01:42 PM
    Aha. Life ages me.
  2. Love Becomes a Ghost
    06-08-2013 12:11 PM
    Love Becomes a Ghost
    Hahaha. I'm told that a lot. People see me as older than what I really am. >-< Like you have room to talk though, you could probably pass for 21 or 22 yourself.
  3. NaomiMittens
    06-07-2013 07:36 AM
    You're only 17?! Aw. I thought you were in your 20s.
  4. NaomiMittens
    12-08-2012 07:48 AM
    Don't forget your Christmas decorations!

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