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  1. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 09:38 PM
    I'm pretty sure I am. I mean, if someone came up to you and started telling you how awesome you are and how much they love your work, I'm sure they'd enjoy that Sorry to even bring up the idea.
  2. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 09:34 PM
    I'm sure she doesn't dislike you or anything. I've heard so many stories from bands, I'm sure their used to people freaking out and whatnot. The times I've kinda freaked out, they always seemed flattered by it.
  3. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 09:29 PM
    Whoever booked the opening acts for the TBM show I went to seemed to not really know TBM that well. The first band fit, but the 2nd band was a heavy metal band and did not fit in with the show well. They weren't terrible, but I'm not at a TBM show to mosh.

    And I know what you mean, the first band I ever met was Darkest Hour, and I just started freaking out. I hope I didn't creep them out too much...
  4. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 09:23 PM
    You're right, they really do tour a lot! It's probably both Them coming back to Cleveland would be awesome, and if they do I'll seem them no matter what. Not gonna care about the opening acts again
  5. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 09:16 PM
    Not meeting TBM has been one of my biggest regrets. My first ever concert was at a big arena, so obviously the band wouldn't come out, so I assumed it would be the same when I saw TBM and I just left after the set ended. Little did I know the mistake I made. I really wanna meet them sometime soon. A Chibi Hug would make my teenage life complete
  6. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 09:02 PM
    Some people just have different egos. To mention Austin again, when I saw them, instead the crowd chanting "Of Mice & Men"/"Of Mice" etc. the crowd just shouted "AUSTIN" over and over again, which has to inflate his ego somewhat. And sometimes, I guess some people were already stuck up pricks before their in a band. Luckily, every band I've met were all extremely nice.
  7. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 08:53 PM
    Yeah, while I'm not the biggest AA fan, I enjoy some of their songs. Someday Came Suddenly just felt more fun, while Self-Titled just felt too dark. But I dunno, I have a grudge against Austin for not coming out after their set when I saw them.
  8. Dysnomia
    05-17-2011 08:45 PM
    Hi there! I'm doing fairly well. How about you?

    From the few posts I've seen, I dig your musical taste. Random question, but do you like Someday Came Suddenly or Self-Titled more?

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