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Had a weird but pretty awesome dream! The weird part is that my mom sent me to a building that had group therapy every single day and I had to live there. While they freaking moved into a really big house!!!! It was so unfair and horrible :/ Anyway, they do weird tests on me and have me go through the lie detector thing and I answered the basic questions wrong (because I was so damn confused, the fucker didn't even give me a chance to calm down or whatever!) and then he asked me some weird, long-winded questions and I somehow answered them truthfully. It was very Alice In Wonderland there for a second

Anyway, then a couple of tall women enter. They both had long black hair. One is older and the other one was around my age. They both were wearing Beauty and the Beast shirts (one wore a yellow shirt and the other a purple one) they were cut off mid-way) and leather pants. The first woman hugged me and greeted me hello. Then the second woman just hugged me, kissed my cheek and whispered "Marry me" and then she just went away. The first woman told me that her step-daughter was emotionally shut off and I "cracked her". The first woman told me her name and it sounded like she said "Belamedy" because she said her name all fast and slurred. Woke up and I mouthed the name and it was strangely enough Belle Melody. Weird first and last name combo but hey, I helped an emotionally shut off person think about things she never thought possible and it was ME that did that without even trying >:D *Puts on black sunglasses, slings my leather jacket over my shoulder, grins and just walks away*

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