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Dear diary,

He is killing me! :O Why is he soooooooooooooo stubborn about the box being sent to a "sure" place! They're just cd booklets and promo cards! If I remember correctly, he had a lot of them. Ohhhhh right :O He said there were rare stuff in there. Hmmmmm.

*Very, very, frustrated!* What the fuck could be in the box that is sooooooo rare that he has to ask (every single time!) if I'm somewhere secure and permanent?!? He is driving me crazyyyyyyyyy! I finally asked him last night to send it. I had enough. I just wanna get this over with and put an end to it. What exactly is "rare" to him? What's so surprising about it? How will I react? *muses* I mean, if I told him to surprise me with one of his fractal art thingies and they're freaking flowers (it never crossed my mind that it would ever be flowers. I was thinking more along the lines of swirly lovely mists of purple and pink and teal and red stars! ), what could possibly be in that box?!? Hopefully, soon, I will know! I'm suddenly reminded of the song by Ego Likeness

Even though we're not the same
One day you will know
One day you will know

I dreamed I found you by the sea
Wondering who you used to be
But one day will know
One day you will know...
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