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Originally Posted by AdamThing View Post
if everyone from TBMs FB page voted theres a good chance TBM would be close to #1! i think mera luna is a promoter and if they ask the biggest bands to perform not only will the band make alot of money off it but so does mera luna. which is why tbm usually plays at the same places in US tours because theres promoters that always want them to play their venue. i think this is how it works because i participated in a facebook live stream with a singer from a band i like and he talked about booking shows and where hes wanted. nonetheless TBM should def play mera luna because its one of the biggest festivals in germany imo, theyve done it twice already and they have a HUGE fanbase in europe so people would most likely see them again. im only thinking theyre so big because even just getting that "35" spot on the voting list means alot of people out of a hundred bands voted for them. i hope this happens and i hope they release another DVD! or better yet. a blu ray! :P
When was the second time they played there? It's a shame voting ends before the concert. I'm going to try to mention to them when I see them that they've been voted on for next year's M'era Luna festival. A couple folks on Pledge asked about another DVD but Terry said it's very unlikely due to cost and that it'd be on the Internet before you know it for free due to ripping etc...

Thank you Plague Kitty for the signature. :')
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