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Originally Posted by Quarter Queen View Post
It all began when I got obsessed with Death Note, read the novel "Another Note" that is a story of a murderer named Beyond Birthday (he's on my avatar, by the way) and found some AMVs about him on Youtube. The songs of TBM were used almost everywhere, because every single one of them fits, I swear! The first song I heard was "Happy Birthday" and it's still my favourite one.
Pretty strange story, actually...
So surprised I didn't post in this thread already. I discovered them a very similar way to you. I was obsessed with Death Note at the time and listened to a Beyond Birthday video with "Goodnight" as the song. Thought it sounded unique, so checked out the video suggestions with their other songs. Loved them. My first real band that I'd discovered by myself (was a bit of a sheltered kiddie who didn't go out of my way to listen to music - not even mainstream music among other things, just the odd song here and there).

Here's the video for those interested:

The original was removed and the creator reuploaded it, with that weird intro.

ETA: I believe when I saw them at The Joiners in 2010 or 2008 I mentioned that they'd previously just finished a UK tour a bit before I discovered them. Not sure exactly how many years I've known them for now.

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