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I'm gonna re-type this because what I posted yeaaaaaaaars ago (and I deleted) was very shitty :/ Soo~!!! I'm gonna listen to the song "Looking Glass" to get the feelings of when I got into them! :3 Here goes~!!! I remember it fucking vividly as if it just happened yesterday! It might get long o.o

The year was 2007. I had just come home from school (back when I went to public high school and little did I know just a month away from dropping out-from being stalked, bullied and threatened-and entering a private all-girls school where I graduated) and my brother's computer was free for me to use~!!!! :D So, I went and opened a torrent that he installed and started looking in the "Gothic" section. I came across the "Looking Glass" title and thought it had something to do with the whole Alice In Wonderland thing. I downloaded and listened to it. At first listen, I was a bit turned off. I wasn't used to the vocals (and this is coming from someone who listened to Jack Off Jill and Scarling ), I guess. I just didn't like it. So, I deleted the song but as I downloaded more stuff by BlutEngel and other bands, I just ended up re-downloading and going back to the "Looking Glass" song. And then deleting it and then downloading again. I couldn't help myself. Something about it just kept telling me to go back to it. Listen to it, give it a chance. Eventually, it grew on me.

I looked them up on Youtube and came across the video for "Blue" and I was fucking in love~!!! Dolls, bunny ears, music box melody, lovely vocals and then all of a sudden fucking growls and then back to normal vocals and then ending in that lovely heavy guitar solo?!? OMG, fucking yes! O.O lol I downloaded anything and everything by them. Next day, I went to the Orange County Fair for the first time. Listening to TBM in the car ("Queen Of Hearts" to be precise!) as the sun was setting, on the fucking freeway...omg. It was just something. Quite a feeling! The next day after the fair, I went to Amoeba Records in Hollywood and picked up the "Walking With Strangers" CD. I still have it.

I don't really remember 2008 (associated with TBM) except being excited for a new album and visiting the "Nothing and Nowhere" site a lot. It didn't really cross my mind that there was a forum for TBM. I don't know why 2009 but something just clicked in me that maybe I should look for a forum. And it's this lovely place! It's always been my home. In 2009, I didn't buy the "Pins and Needles" album. I don't know why because I love that album so much D: Instead, I ended up buying the live cd of "Show and Tell". I still have it.

Don't remember 2010 (associated with TBM). Barely remember 2011. 2012, I went to Las Vegas for the first time. I had NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucking idea that TBM was even IN Las Vegas around that time (November! :/ I remember the month because my brother was off doing a volunteer thing for the election and he invited us over to stay at his hotel for a night). However, I didn't come home empty handed! I came home with "Hide and Seek" (also with a navy-ish babydoll top with red polka dots that my sister in law gave to me and I ended up wearing the night we went out, just us two, gambling) on them

*Wraps this up* And the rest is history! It's 2016 and I await the new re-release of "Imagica" (since "Queen Of Hearts" was and is my favorite off that album!) and the new album.
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