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I got into TBM in 7th grade. I got pulled out of a very bad situation at school and before we moved to another state I watched the video for Blue.

I was severely bullied in middle school. For those of you who don't know I am autistic and have epilepsy. All of the girls at school were all about Abercrombie and I was the girl who was weird and didn't know any social skills.

During the video for Blue I noticed Chibi with her bunny ears and tattoos. I told one of my family members that I thought she looked like a model. I realized that if a woman with anime tattoos and bunny ears can be pretty and surrounded with guys like Rainbow and Rhim and the rest of the guys and have true fans then I could be popular too with my own kind of people.

Chibi became a major role model for me. In Blue she sounded angry kind of like I was angry at myself for not being popular.Then I listened to Play Dead and the lyrics described my situation. Boys were rude and nasty to me and I didn't fit in with the girls.

When we moved I bought the full Violet album and one TBM album turned into another.

And this is why I can relate to Rachel in Boring Girls because I idolize Chibi like Rachel idolized Marie Lise.
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