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Welcome to the forum. It's great to see another new member here - boards aren't as active as they once were (probably due to Facebook rendering places like this obsolete.)

They are genuinely lovely people. I'll be seeing them again soon for their UK tour. Congratulations on the studio spot, I vowed to grab a spot next time they do a Pledge Campaign.

Have you listened to all their stuff? Got a favourite album? I recently got a friend/co-worker into them. They've only listened to the Superstition album but are hooked (was hoping they'd come to the concert with me but unfortunately short notice will make it impossible.)

What art stuff are you into? I'd like to get back to being arty, my creativity is rather anaemic right now.

Also, I read your interests as "reading tea" wat.

Thank you Plague Kitty for the signature. :')
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