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Originally Posted by TomorrowWillBurn View Post
so idk if anyone has noticed but at my show every H&S song chibi expressed a high attachment to the song.
I'm curious about what you mean by this? I'm only asking because at the show I went to a couple of months ago, in San Antonio, Chibi started crying during "Leaving Tonight". She told the crowd, "I love this song" but she got especially choked up while singing "I wanna go home" lines.

So many people were crying at that show, myself included. I held it together pretty well, and then the band started playing "Forever". That song is so beautiful and means so much to me. And in that moment, I realized that I was actually at a TBM show, seeing my favorite band live! I cried during every song after that.

So yeah, emotion at TBM shows... it's a thing.
Me: "It's because I'm a psuedo-goth girl cliche."
Chibi: *Nods sympathetically* "Aren't we all!"

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