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Default Persephone Dark Queen's Underworld

Hello. I'm Crystal. I've been making things since 2003 when my brother brought a new computer to our apartment. I started off with Paint where I doodled things and made collages. In 2006, I moved to Years later, I used basic editing online sites. Until 2014, when I switched to Gimp and decided I was ready to tackle it on! I've come quite a long way to get this good (and even then, I'm still learning new things!). It started off as a hobby and now it's turning into this coping mechanism. For example, just 3 weeks ago, my mom showed me a photo when I was in Elementary and she compared me to who I am now and she said I "looked dead" to that "happy girl" in the photo. So~!!!!!!!! What did I do? Did I cry silently and lie in bed all day long? Nope! >:3 I went ahead and made myself a Zombie Girl signature. And I didn't feel sad anymore. It empowered me somehow.

Choose up to 3 or 4 photos. If one picture doesn't work out, I'd most likely turn it into an avatar.
Text of your choosing!
Effects (Stars, fog, bats, blood, pumpkins, etc!)

All I ask is that you credit me underneath the signature!

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