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........................can women in Lifetime movies STOP CRYING AND SOUNDING LIKE THEY'RE HAVING SEX?!?!?!?!? It's awkward as fuck when my mom watches them and I'm just sitting here, wondering what the fuck they're doing on TV and when I finally get the nerve to look, they're just sitting there crying because of some stalker ex wife or stalker boyfriend/husband/stranger whatever is torturing them! I hate those type of Lifetime movies, I swear! I think that subject has been done to death. I mean, didn't they make a movie called "Fear" with Mark Walhberg?!? (my brother's ex-gf showed me the movie and I got scared because.......a certain "freaky thing" is shown in the movie ) However, they do have a couple good movies that I actually like!

May I Sleep With Danger? (2017 lesbian vampire movie)

Not Like Anyone Else (A girl in high school gets bullied and they all think she's a witch because she dresses all Goth-ish. Watched this movie a bunch of times in high school )

Anyway, just think about what to watch on Netflix tonight. Probably The Defenders :3

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