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Hello everyone, just signed up a couple days ago, glad to be here.

My name is Rich, I have lived in the Cleveland, OH area all of my life. I work in the metal fabrication, CNC, and welding field. I am an avid motor head who likes to drag race at the local race track during the spring, summer, fall season. My username was a nickname that was given to me by a fellow classmate back in 2007 while I was going to school for Microsoft certifications. I in no way consider myself a genius on any level, I'm actually pretty bone-headed at times. After completion of the Microsoft training, I converted every desktop, laptop, and phone device I own over to Linux...kinda funny how that works out

I attended my first TBM show this past Saturday at Peabody's in Cleveland and I had the best time ever. It was only the 3rd concert I have ever been to in my 32 years of life, which is kinda sad. The previous 2 were this years, and last years Mushroomhead halloween shows, which are also really good if you are also a fan of them, but TBM was way better to me.

That's about all I got, I hope to be a valuable member here in whatever way I can. Thanks for reading.
Welcome to the Violet Prison, look forward to chatting with you!
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