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Originally Posted by DoomScarf View Post
Lyrics exist for both songs and the two demos that are supposedly for Velvet and Make Believe are actually demos of two different songs.
I think it was said that the clip of "Velvet" was really a demo of "Blue," and "Make Believe" was "The Dream" or "Play Dead." I forget now.

I do have these images, though I cannot recall from whence they came.

Back on topic... I will admit that WWS is my least favorite TBM album. It has some great songs, but overall I like about half of it. Having said that, I would love to hear some bonuses from this time period. They did release a few demo versions on the Pledgemusic campaign for Superstition. I could see them putting those out along with a few more on a bonus CD.

About Looking Glass, it also has "Nowhere" and "I Think We're Alone Now" I do like the remix of "Weekend."
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