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My dearest diary,

I really wish Erin gets back to me with the reply so I can tell her before I go see my new Doctor on Tuesday (I think that's when my brother told my mom I have the appointment?!). I've been holding onto this for five years and I'm deathly afraid of my brother and mom finding out! Technically, I'm still "that" but in the physical sense, I really am not. But then again, I am at the same time, you know? I don't know who else to go to with this. Hopefully Erin feels comfortable and allows me to tell her. If not, I'll just....go through with the questions that my Doctor will ask me and if my brother finds out (he works at the clinic) and then tells my mom.....I'll deal with it. I'm a bit paranoid around Doctors. Apparently, they don't shut up with private and personal stuff. They go to their nurses and tell them and actually giggle about it. I caught one when I was 17 and I've been really untrusting and paranoid by what I say. Even if they're Doctors and they're supposed to help.

Anyway, I just hope my mom doesn't bring up that "your flower is destroyed now" stuff because she's going to honestly make me breakdown and cry with that I'm going to bed. If Erin allows me to tell her, I need all the rest that I can get because I might get emotional (not to her. Just....there might be some actual tears of relief on my part!)

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