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Default What's up all!

Hey newly joined here. I've been a fan of TBM since I first heard kill the lights right after WWS came out and blew up my world lol. That hook was stronger than anything I've ever experienced. Bought all their albums and never looked back as they are my favorite band.

I got this name Garo from a dark action Japanese show that I love. It's about a God made armor that trained worthy knights use to destroy evil spirits that come into the world from the negative energy humans put out. I love things with a darkside. Besides I couldn't think of another name lol.

I've tried to join this forum before under the name light and shade but I guess it was never approved. I waited a while for it to be approved and then finally got smart and just reregistered with a different name and email lol.

Well anyways. I saw TBM live for the first time last December in Sacramento Cali (my hometown). Anyone else here saw them there? They were awesome live! Blew my mind. Never jumped so much in any concert and gave Chibi a hundred heart shapes lol.

This is how much I love TBM. I literally listen to one album all day at work get in my car listen to another album on the way and then wash, rinse repeat everyday... Have yet to get tired of any of their songs and actually grow to love them even more because of it. Hope we can get the activity up in this forum. I'm trying to make up for lost time. Thanks for reading!
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