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Default Hello I am back!

Hello everyone, I made this account about a year or so ago but I ended up becoming inactive and I haven't been on the site for a while. I decided to come back since I'm so excited about the new album coming out! I thought I would introduce myself again since I think I've changed quite a bit.
Anyways I've loved TBM since I was about 12/13 and now I'm almost 18 so I've been listening to them for a pretty long time and they are definitely one of my most favorite bands. I first heard about them on some other forum site and I really liked both the unique sound of their music and the beautiful album artwork. It was all really just my style. I was also happy to hear that the band seems to be actually pretty nice and down to earth, and I look forward to seeing them live someday (I am unable to now due to circumstances).
Besides music I love to draw, here's my DeviantArt:
I also really love animals, especially horses and canines. I hope to be a veterinarian or a biologist someday. Anyways that's enough about me, I really look forward to getting to know you guys again!
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