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Default Hi! Long time listener first time choler

My wife (then new friend) and I have been fans since we first heard them in 2003. She found out about them on the Deadstar Assembly forum. We never joined the forum because it's kind of just been our thing together.

It feels different now after meeting so many nice people at Tampa and Orlando so here I am!

Something I thought of while watching them in Orlando was how strong of a closer Broken really is. Then I realized they use it as a first or last song fairly often in their sets.

I've always really liked the Jonestown Productions videos that they included on the Blue DVD. I don't know what Steve Jones is doing these days but I felt inspired to do a sort of refresh of his video. Due to June being our wedding month, real life made collecting everything for it slow but I finally sat down and finished it.

Let me know what you think and I look forward to getting to know everyone a lot more
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