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Default Special Thought Out Baby Names (Boy or Girl)

i was brainstorming and wanted to make sure that if i ever had kids in a fantasy double life, since i know i'm indeed sure i will never plan to have kids in this life, and funny that i say that, 'cause if i did i would have to adopt since i'm gay anyway, lol. i came up with (5) boy names from first being the oldest son and fifth being the youngest, and (5) girl names, same thing. i just thought it would be cool to start a thread to share this and feel free to add a favorite baby name yourself if you have one or any that come to mind..

the first boy i named comes from a famous male child star that i always imagined would be what i would hope my son would resemble to, though we can't choose how our children our going to look, obviously, can we?

the fourth i named Rowan which is a pagan name that actually means "little red one" that i thought was special.

some of the girl's middle names might sound like last names because they actually are, i got inspired to make one or two middle names the same last names of, again, some famous actresses that i really like.

Dalia is a name meaning "fortune" and "luck" Rose sounded good with that i thought.

here is the list:

Boy Names (First and Middle)

1.Matthew Laborteaux
2.Duffy Blair
3.Schervin Godwin
4.Rowan Brodrick
5.Andrew Nicolas

(Endor would be a nice boy name too, even thou i didn't use it)

Girl Names (First and Middle)

1.Rayne Everleigh
2.Dalia Rose
3.Devlin Barrymore
4.Brittany Michelle

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