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Mom and sis were complaining about my cousin and then they started complaining about me. So, that annoyed me.

Switched over to the TV to watch a movie and then they gossiped some more about our cousin who cheated on his wife (of 20+ years or whatever) with multiple women. I couldn't take it anymore so I said, "I find it funny that when our cousins come over for the holidays, we pretend to be all nice but once they leave, the first thing we do is talk about them behind their back. That's family for ya, huh??". They.....shut me up :/ They told me that they're just speaking out the truth. That our cousins think they're perfect and rich but they couldn't tell them that because our cousins won't listen.

So, they shut me up. First, they complain about me, talk loudly while I was trying to watch a movie and they freaking shut me up? What the....How did that backfire on....? What?!?!? Dx

Lesson learned for myself: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!! Know your place (apparently -.-)!

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