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Originally Posted by Chimera Doll View Post
From William Z:
Ok I've gotten about 10-15% of the interview transcribed. I'll do some more tonight. It was about 20 mins long. We talked about a bunch of stuff including the new CD, a couple of the new tracks that have been released, Pledgemusic, fan reaction vs. cultures and where they've toured, how fans suggest merch (Chibi loved the idea of a coloring book, by the way), the ending/beginning ideas with "One" and "Endless" and the oroboros, the number references 3s, 2s etc...themes of youth vs. adult on their albums... if there were songs too painful to play live, if music initially dictated what the subject matter was based on feelings evoked,
what happens to tracks cut from retail release recording sessions, softsynths vs. hardware, ...

Believe me... they know what a devoted base they have.
Omg, my question went through and Chibi loves the idea~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

I'm so excited to read the interview! And I'm happy that they're aware of her bunny army. I think we stick together. Doesn't matter if some fill-in drummer posts some stupid ass shit. We won't go away. I think we're here to stay

Originally Posted by DoomScarf View Post
Crystal will be pleased with the reaction to the colouring book. :3
Originally Posted by Chimera Doll View Post
Yes!! It made me so happy when the coloring book was mentioned and I thought how happy Crystal will be and how much she deserves that :D
D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, thanks for thinking of me, you two! I got so happy, I started crying and smiling. Thanks for saying that, Dolly *Hugs tightly and smiles* Love you!
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