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Originally Posted by Steelebourne View Post
Since my physical copy still hasn't arrived, I finally gave in a few days ago and downloaded my pledged version, and I didn't really like it. Unfortunately, I still don't. I'm hoping that my opinion changes, but I've listened to the whole thing seven times, and it's just not hitting me at all. None of their previous albums have ever been disappointing to me before. I guess I just don't like the new sound.
I'll admit, this album isn't an instant love for me like Violet and Superstition were. WWS is my least favorite album, or I should say has the least number of "I love this song!" songs on it. At that time, I had just found the band through their old web site and the album Violet. So it took a while for WWS to grow on me. UYS didn't take nearly as long for me to like it, but it did take several listens (after the listen sessions) to really form an opinion about it.

It's all subjective, but I'd recommend giving another listen to One, Endless, Games, and Unkind. I'd say those songs are the ones most similar to previous works.
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