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I kinda hate posting my poetry in public places, because of how cheesy it tends to be. Especially my love poems XD God, I have so many...
Oh well. Might as well at least post one.
(Don't judge the title; I couldn't think of anything else.)

A Love Ne'er Forgotten

It's sad how much I no longer can picture your face
Despite the mark you so deeply left behind
Upon my heart, which for you will always have a place
Even though your voice no longer resonates in my mind...

What place for you is there within this rotten world
But by my side, with my protection everlasting
It's sad to see you suffering, with darkness so unfurled
(Which was my fault; for I had thought that curse was good for casting.)

In my darkest times, I thought of you and the times we were together
There are so many happy memories; a time that I still miss
I still imagine what it would be like if it had lasted forever
Do you remember? Though they do say ignorance is bliss...

You're the only one who can truly set my heart free
(Yet there comes a time when one must simply just forget)
I'll always love you and cling to the hope that you'll come back to me
I'm trapped in darkness; will you be the one who keeps my candle lit?
"I spy with my little eye, something dead."
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