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I think the song "Always" speaks perfectly for a relationship between a friend of mine, who I'll call KG, that seemingly "fell apart" in the past year and a half.

Dear KG,
"You're not in my heart, I'm wearing you down, I'm back where I started, no turning around, you're falling apart, I'm tearing you down, it's not what I want, for always, in all ways."

I know you have a boyfriend now, and I know we tried going down that path at one point, but I miss you so bad it hurts. I was never happier than when I was hanging out with you, just doing whatever, even if it was finding a place to chill at and just talk, about whatever. Going to shows, the movies, Denny's, our favorite spot to just sit and bullshit at. What happened to us? Is your boyfriend another controlling monster? Does he view me as a threat? What can I change to make it go back to the way it was before? The last time you were in town with him, I saw you for 5 minutes, and that was that. Would I be disruptive to your relationship if I were to hang out with you guys? I wish I could tell you all of these things, you have no idea how bad it hurts inside and how much I just want to break down into tears. You were more than a best friend to me, you're like a sister and I love you like family. I miss you, more than you'll ever know.
"too cold to shiver..."

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