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Pitch Perfect 3. It was okay. I saw 1 and 2 with my sister so it just made sense to go see part 3 with her

I honestly don't know why the fuck I started watching it. Oh right! *Snaps fingers* I do! Anna Kendrick drew me in (because of her competing sexily to the song "No Diggity" against Emily Blunt during an episode of Lip Sync Battle) and once I read the lesbian subtext between her and a character named Chloe.......I was totally on board! That was seriously all I needed. My favorite parts were when Emily (I think that was her character's name?) showed up wearing some flowered corset and skirt thing, when Beca was wearing a red/white striped sailor girl top and whenever that hot guitarist with hair bangs showed up on screen. Don't even get me started when I saw her wearing a leather mini skirt and boots and omg and then she bent over! Ahem!!!!! What else *sighs* I really didn't like that by the end of the movie, I wasn't left with anything to think about (like "Omg! Why did he/she do that?!", "Nooooo! It can't end like that!", "When is the next sequel?!?") through-out the day. It more along the lines of just "Okay, that was a good-ish 90 minutes of my day! Now, back to my life".

My top favorite comedy movie "So I Married An Axe Murderer" I will totally "write home about" (as they say) on any given day! Charlie's fucking dadhas more humor than Pitch Perfect's "Fat Amy" will ever aspire to have! I mean, come on. "A piper is down! I repeat, a piper is down!" with a scott-ish accent Then with Charlie's "Whoa-man!" (woman )......Oh, god, I love this movie. Pluuuuuuuus! My favorite song "There She Goes" is in this movie (twice by 2 bands!)

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