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Originally Posted by AdamThing View Post
I admit i was a pirate myself for a long time. if i could buy back all my music i pirated i would but itd be very costly. but for the last couple years ive been buying my music now and to be honest it feels good knowing im getting high quality virus free data even though illegal files may be clean as well atleast your guaranteed. also as i learned more about the music industry i understand now that the artist needs as much support as they can get to make a career out of their art. i know a former singer that was a part of a signed band (seasons after) and even had a deal with warner bros music who now works at sonic. really sad. luckily fans today are starting to become loyal again that want to collect vinyls which is starting to make more sales than cd albums apparently so this might be an alternative to file sharing.
Everything I originally pirated I'd lost when my P.Cs/laptops would crash and I never backed anything up. A couple times I went to the effort of getting everything back but haven't bothered anymore. Now I've got a job I'll just slowly (but legitimately) build up my music (and other media) collection.

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