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I have read it four times A fifth read is coming on though I can feel it. I bought it on Amazon Kindle for $5. I love it. Besides the bad stuff, I see myself in Rachel. A lot! I long for a "Fern". Just someone in Los Angeles that is like her so we can go shopping, apply make-up, dye our hair, go see a movie, paint our fucking nails, hang out (no "friends with benefits" shit, just hanging out) in a room. Go to concerts. Fangirl the fuck out. Listening to music while drinking wine/beer. All that good stuff between 2 friends!

That's what I long for when I go to sleep each night. Secretly (well, not anymore :P Hahah!) and in the quiet depth of my heart. I'm 25 and I have nobody to do that with. Only my family and even then, we don't really do that stuff. My sister doesn't. Not anymore. And even if I got my heart broken and stepped on by some stupid bitch from the past (Yeah, I'm looking at you, C________! :/), I still long for a "Non-Violent Fern". Wherever in Los Angeles that she may be. *sighs* I'm sure she's out there right now, wondering and waiting for her "Non-Violent Rachel". Heheh.

Btw, when I read the title of this thread, I thought there was another book. A sequel.
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