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My sis changed the phone company and got me a new, better and bigger phone. I also discovered some new bands last night. I found an artist that I was a fan of way back in 2006 and I JUST re-discovered again! I'm planning on buying 1 or 2 art prints a month (free shipping on her site). What else is awesome? Jessica Jones premieres at midnight. Sadly, I don't think I can binge watch the "lovely fuck" out of it like how I said on my FB post. I'm starting to feel sleepy all of a sudden x.x

What else? There's a show on Freeform called Siren that's premiering on March 29th! It's about a mermaid or something. My sis suggested the mermaid in the show might be a lesbian (there's a kiss between her and some girl that claims that she's "drawn" to her and then they kiss ). But even if she's not a lesbian, I'm still watching! But if she's a lesbian, that's even better for me

So, anyway, yup! Lots of pretty cool stuff happening

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