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Exclamation Update!

From William Z:
Ok I've gotten about 10-15% of the interview transcribed. I'll do some more tonight. It was about 20 mins long. We talked about a bunch of stuff including the new CD, a couple of the new tracks that have been released, Pledgemusic, fan reaction vs. cultures and where they've toured, how fans suggest merch (Chibi loved the idea of a coloring book, by the way), the ending/beginning ideas with "One" and "Endless" and the oroboros, the number references 3s, 2s etc...themes of youth vs. adult on their albums... if there were songs too painful to play live, if music initially dictated what the subject matter was based on feelings evoked,
what happens to tracks cut from retail release recording sessions, softsynths vs. hardware, ... there were a couple lighthearted questions where I asked what each of them would do if they were playing and the other walked out on the first song...then 3 famous singers/players who happened to know every song walked in, who they would pick. The last thing I asked was what they would hope someone would feel/think if a distant relative many years down the road found their discography with something to play it on in an old box in an attic.

I'm in the middle of a move so I'll finish it as soon as I can. I wish I could have used the video but there's no way. The way we were sitting was too weird, there was a lot of noise in the other room and at one point (embarrassing) I had to cough a few times at which point Chibi gave me her water.
So be patient with me and I'll do the rest as soon as I can. Thanks for the help. Believe me... they know what a devoted base they have.

The Army of the Universe answer to the last question was bloody hysterical because they started adding stuff to the "box." LOL.
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