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Default Musician Collaborators (preferably musicians influenced by The Birthday Massacre)

i'm trying to save up enough money buy the music equipment i need to create and record my own music. i already have instruments but just need to invest in some studio quality recording equipment such as a professional 8 track recorder with built in patterns and effects. but once i do, and i've finished the tracks for my albums i plan on finishing. i am going to need someone with a really good voice, preferably edgy, and dark, girl or boy, to add vocals over the tracks i've created lyrics for.

i'm curious to see who has the skill to collaborate ideas with me and hopefully be available to add vocals to my songs when i am finally finished. i'm guessing i will need this person to be available in or around a year or so, since i haven't even started and want to at least create my first to albums before i'm ready. if so, we would most likely have to meet, since i would have record it on my equipment, of course unless you have your own equipment to record on which is probably unlikely. but in the case that you are a musician with studio equipment, that would be perfect, since we could do everything online. for example i would just send you the mp3's via email or send you a link to download it from a downloadable link. either way it would be good to know, since i always looking for other musicians to collaborate with.

anyone with a good voice that sounds dark and edgy? please feel free to let me know if you are interested.

a little about myself: my name is Cory. i live in Stockton, CA. USA
The Birthday Massacre is my main influence, and is my favorite band. i usually don't like most music since it sounds boring and ordinary to me. i feel i'm not the most talented person, but i have alot of good ideas. i consider myself more of a song writer rather than a musician. my only drawback is that i don't know much about studio recording. but once i get my studio together i am bright enough to figure that out. i really have high hopes that my music will turn out the way i expect good music to sound, and quality is a must, or why bother. i don't necessarily want my music to sound like The Birthday Massacre, but i really like their style and atmosphere, and i plan on to making at least some songs on the album having elements that remind me of a similar atmosphere, since my ideas are influenced by my influences, if that makes sense.

let me know thanks!
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