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Originally Posted by DoomScarf View Post
I'm not a musician, but good luck! Hope you're able to find someone. Have you posted anywhere else on the web? These forums aren't very active anymore, sadly.

I also understand what you mean when you say most music sounds boring and ordinary. For me it's modern mainstream music (pop in particular) that I dislike - mainly as it's designed to get stuck in your head.

am on here today, haven't been on this site since about a year. but to answer you, i totally agree with you 100%. it is the modern mainstream pop mtv type music that i dislike the most, that and country. you would think that these musicians that have so much talent, would have the talent to know how to make music objectively better than what they produce, and it wouldn't hurt to make it subjectively interesting i'm no talented musician but at least i know a little about music theory, or at least i like to think so
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