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Wow... congrats on having so many of your pictures published all at once, Erick! Good work, definitely.

Well it's only 4 AM, but since my schedule's so far off after finals anyways, I may as well write about Thursday.
I moved out of my dorm room, but since my mom's visiting I really just switched to a hotel down the street and stuck a ton of stuff in storage. But the hotel she chose has every room decorated or painted by a different artist -- by luck of the draw, we got the Shepard Fairey room.

They entire room's covered with work from his Obey series. It's incredible.
I had my friend Andrew with me when I found out -- and I didn't find out until I was there, since my mother didn't know who the artist was. We both kind of took a few minutes to snap pictures and fangirl over it.

And it's gone with the figure of white with a silver Game Boy in
his palm; and like a sharp, sudden jolt of forbid lighting, he
brought light upon this world.
Tweets for you.
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