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Originally Posted by darkholiday View Post
Honestly, it took me a while to get into the new album. First listen I wasn't like, jumping up and down like I was for the other albums. But after a couple listens I must say I can't STOP listening to it. I can't believe how much it's grown on me - probably one of my favorite albums now.
Same here! I still think I need to listen more though. I'm glad it grew on you and is one of your favorite albums now! That's awesome :D I'm still undecided if it's one of the very top favorites but I think it will be, it's always hard for me to choose when it comes to TBM. Happy to see a post from you!

Originally Posted by Plague Kitty View Post
I confess that I used to think "Nevermind" and "Holiday" were fucking awful, just awful! But now I love the melodies of "Holiday" and think the song "Nevermind" is so fucking cute (because of the music video and fairytale-like quality of the intro and outro! ).
I can understand that! When I first got into TBM, it took me awhile to really get into some of their older songs for some reason but now I love them to death. Holiday was a song that I didn't really like for quite some time but once I saw how a few TBM fans really seemed to love it, I listened more and it grew on me :3 Same with Promise Me. I can't believe I didn't really like it much before either. It's sooo good! Both of them!

I think that's just how it is with some songs, also depending on the person's tastes and such. It amazes me how their songs and albums can grow on you. Some less listened songs can become favorites, for example, it's pretty cool. I still firmly believe they don't have a bad song or a "filler" song at all. When I listen through albums I thoroughly enjoy every single song. Even the ones I don't listen to all that much. They're all unique and special in their own way
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