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~ Literally anything The Clockwork Dolls after today
~ Literally anything Poppy (That Poppy)
~ Liv Kristine - Vanilla Skin Delight
~ Kissing Violet - Feel the Disease
~ Hilary Duff - Dangerous to Know
~ Poe - Spanish Doll
~ Emma Shapplin - The Lovers
~ Helen McCrory - The Unquiet Grave (from Penny Dreadful season 2)
~ Bat For Lashes - Trophy
~ Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone
~ Amanda Jenssen's entire "Hymns for the Haunted" album
~ Benjamin Wallfisch feat DiSA - New World Coming
~ Florence and the Machine - Wish That You Were Here
~ The Civil Wars - Kingdom Come

Hell's at heaven't door as I need you more.
Can you be my once in a lifetime?
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