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Originally Posted by Rogue View Post
Thanks for sharing the stories! That is great that you got the rest of the signatures for the Blue DVD. The band really are a great bunch. I only wish we could have gotten a VIP like some venues had, where it was more limited, and everyone gets to mingle in a room with the band.

That was probably the show a friend of mine invited me to. I declined, having never heard of the band before... then when it was too late to go, out of curiosity I checked out the N&N web site and that was it, I was hooked (and kicking myself for not going).
To be honest, I miss being able to see them after the show as opposed to the VIP thing. When they were on the "Walking with Strangers" tour, I was able to go with them to a bar after a show in St. Petersburg and have a few drinks with them. Some of the band members from their opening band "The Start" were there too. Rhim has always been one of the easiest band members to talk to, by the way. I missed seeing him on this latest tour.
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