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I can understand that point of view for some artists, but not for TBM. They have been consistent since day one and have only improved over time. I trust Rainbow's vision, as I believe he is the driving force behind the band, and I also trust the rest of the band, as they wouldn't want to be a part of something they don't stand behind 100%. Some artists feel the need to change their sound, style, and identity with each album, but TBM have only been growing and expanding upon who they are and who they have been since day one. My only anticipation for the new album is excitement. I don't think it's fair to already draw comparisons to their back catalogue either. As far as I'm concerned they can keep doing what they're best at; being themselves, because everything else is trivial.

EDIT: Did Chibi remove the post about the new album being finished on her Facebook account? I just checked it and it wasn't there. Side note: if I'm being a paranoid weirdo please let me know. I have a tendency to allow my mind to drift in that direction at times...

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