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Originally Posted by Suspended7DusK View Post
I was trying to remember which year it was when I first heard about them. I know it was 2005 or earlier.. I remember reading about them on LiveJournal, before Myspace became popular.. My first show was in 2006, in Tampa, at this club called "Czar". They were still on the Violet tour.

It sounds like you may have been to a lot of the same shows I've been to. I know we were both at the Orlando show at The Social recently. Did you do the VIP thing too?
Ahh yeah we saw them in Fort Lauderdale at The Culture Room back then. We were broke art school kids and the venue was 5 miles from the dorm so we never really left the city back then

We did go to Orlando this time but were off to the side by the ramp to the stage the whole time. I spent most of the night talking to the merch guy and the opening acts as we had just seen them and did VIP in Tampa at The Orpheum. It was our 10 year wedding anniversary and I managed to get word to the band about my wife's TBM tattoo:

and how we bought the Blue DVD in 2006 and only got Rhim, Rainbow, and Falcore's signatures and would really like if we could maybe get the rest 11 years later. I posted some pics in the tour thread!
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