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Default I miss...

Things, people, places you miss. Etcetera. Right now or in general. Whatever...

I miss being nocturnal. I mean I'm still a little nocturnal but not nearly as much as I used to be. Thats what I get for moving back home. But I don't have to pay rent so that definitely balances things out a bit. Of course, when your dad gets off on his power trip by strictly limiting your internet access for no real good reason and doesn't even give it back when you've done more than enough to deserve it, that kind of takes the balance away. But then again, maybe I shouldn't be living with my parents at the age of 29. Or maybe they shouldn't've raised me so fucking strictly. Or maybe I shouldn't've been conceived....DiNG!-DiNG!-DiNG! We have a winner (not my fault, HA!)

...or maybe we should just all relax, let go and come together...

Ahh but that gets boring after awhile...FUCK!! Can't win. Slash lose. Tie me up! Oh wait, that already let's see what happens.

Anyway yeah, things you miss. Go
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