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^ I like early Hole too but I don't love it. Actually, I do love Miss World but thats about it. And yes, she was a TOTAL bitch/dick.

Just one more thing before I leave this alone:
From what I remember, there were 6 shots of Frances in there. 1st one was when she was peeking behind a curtain though so that one doesn't really count. But in the 2nd one, I paused it on my DVR and thought about who she looked like and I came to the conclusion that if Kirstie Alley and Chris Farley had a baby, THATS what she'd look like. Chubby cutie. But in the 3rd shot, she looked like a cross between her dad and Robin Williams...but in the form of a girl, of course. And the 4th shot was actually from the same "paparazzi session" as the 3rd shot, but she looked different. I had the DVR on pause for like, a minute...and decided that she didn't really look like anyone I could think of. She just...looked like herself! :] And in the 5th and 6th shots, she was ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Stunning.

PS: Went through the "Behind the Music" schedule for the next week or so and the only ones I have set to record are Metallica (already watched but really wanna see it again) and Pink, which is fucked up because I don't really like Pink. I just like the songs "Who Knew" and "Get This Party Started". There might be another one or two but I think thats it. I don't know what inside me caused me to want to record it but I did.

EDIT: Watched the Pink BTM yesterday and it made me remember that I like 3 other Pink songs:
Don't Let Me Get Me
Just Like A Pill
U + Ur Hand

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