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The Birthday Massacre - Open Your Heart. Showed it to my sister, who is a big old-school Madonna fan, and she loved it! She loves all of TBM's music though, ever since I introduced her to them in 2009, and started going to TBM shows with her around then, as well. She's said they're one of her favorite bands to see now.

Deftones featuring Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains - Phantom Bride

FLAW - Let Me Go, Bleed Red, and Heal. They released a new album recently. First one since way back in 2004.

Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design. Love the lyrics and message of it. I don't listen to metal all that much, but these guys have always been a mainstay for me.

Korn - Rotting In Vain. One of the best Korn songs since their Issues album, IMO. Actually looking forward to the new album, which is something I haven't said about Korn since I was a teenager, lol.

Lacey Sturm, ex-Flyleaf singer - Life Screams. The song on the album of the same name

Dead Letter Circus - The Space On The Wall, and In Plain Sight. Favorite album of theirs is This Is The Warning. They're kind of an alternative/progressive rock band. I've seen them compared to Karnivool online, but I don't know enough of Karnivool's music to say for sure if that's true.

Conquer Divide - self-titled album, pretty much all of it (All-female metal/metalcore band with both a screamer and a singer. Really good melodic singer, too.)

The Panic Division - Aero-Nautical - The whole album. If I had to narrow it down, the 2 standout favorites for me are When The Night Calls Out (the guitar and keyboards/synth on that song are so good!), and either The Key Is Forever, or Shadows. Depends on my mood. Totally underrated band that I've mentioned on here before, a long time ago though. Very good 80's synth and new wave rock vibe, even though they are a current band. They covered Broken Wings (originally by Mr. Mister, an 80's band) on their 2nd album, Songs From The Glasshouse.

I guess that's it. I could go on, but that's more than enough, haha.
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