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Originally Posted by DoomScarf View Post
Love that tattoo! It's something different. Jealous you've known them for so long.

Got to ask, what's a 'choler' though? XD
Choler: n. (in medieval science and medicine) one of the four bodily humors, identified with bile, believed to be associated with a peevish or irascible temperament.
literary, archaic
anger or irascibility.
Just a play on words hehe
I wish it was "known" since we all went to art school and are passionate about music but we're just fans

All the recent stuff got us talking about that concert in 2006 and I was even more awkward than I thought. I recently typed up the story:

We saw them at The Culture Room, the rock club in Ft Lauderdale. We were at the merch table outside buying the Blue DVD during Deadstar Assembly so we couldn't get close but enjoyed the set from a distance. After the show Rhim, Falcore, and Rainbow were standing in the open air smoking section / courtyard area at the club. No one was even approaching them, in part because Deadstar Assembly was the bigger draw for the teenage goth set in the area and the club was all ages. I urged Trish to go up and talk to them but her shyness was stopping her. I said "OK, let's go over. I'll lead the way and it'll be totally cool and regular. We'll talk music or something it'll be fun!"

We walk up, me all confident that I'm about to impress my fiancee with how nonchalantly I walk up to her favorite band, my peers as I too make music. We approached and one of the guys immediately spotted the DVD in her hand and before we could speak said "oh hey, thanks for the support! want us to sign it?" Trish said yes, they asked her name and started signing. There I was standing mute, my cool nonchalance somewhere gone forever. I guess my brain realized that hey, you're pretty into this band as well. I search for words and the best I can manage while they sign the DVD is "I MAKE MUSIC TOO." I don't offer up a genre, an instrument, nothing. That was apparently all I had apart from a growing flopsweat. Regardless, Rainbow didn't even blink and said "cool, keep it up!" They thanked us for coming and we left beaming.
Right after all that, the keyboard player from Deadstar Assembly was caught making out with a teenager and got beat up or something and kicked out of the band. When we met them at the Tampa VIP I produced the Blue DVD and talked about that show and the missing signatures. Falcore said to Rainbow "if I remember that turned into a REALLY wild night" and they shared a laugh

The camera guy caught it, too!

Everything was such a whirlwind I didn't even think about it until my wife reminded me later.

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