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Agree! Love hearing your thoughts on the themes of the new songs

I was also thinking, 'One' may have been intended to act as the first and last song in the album - I've heard several comments that 'Endless' was meant to link back to the beginning of the album. 'One' has a very final sound to it, and both lyrically and musically I could imagine it as an album closer. In promotional work for this album they've used the ouroboros symbol of a snake swallowing it's tail, representing endlessness.

For those reasons, I feel like 'One' was intended to be the 'head' of the snake - the point where the album links back around and could be both the ending and the beginning. Kind of like a Memento vibe, knowing the ending from the beginning.

I dunno. I'm just thinking out loud.

EDIT: Just saw someone on the pledge had the same idea, lol

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