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Originally Posted by DoomScarf View Post
I know When Our Moon Falls was uploaded to here:

I'd never heard it before that, really interesting stuff, and Clear Vision - agreed!

That archive link was originally posted here:

I hope not a lot of stuff was lost when the Aslan Osiris part of the thread got deleted. Don't believe I gave it a good check out, or checked it out at all.
Oh man I didn't even know about that. I've missed that site since it went down so thanks for linking me!

Originally Posted by Clear Vision View Post
Thanks for posting it up here. I'm happy to listen to it every once in a while and its really some interesting music. You can hear what part Aslan has had in the sound of TBM. Decided to delete the "Aslan Osiris" thread in the TBM corner of the forum cause I feel it suits better here, along with all other Aslan Osiris related links, music and stuff.
Fair play, I wasn't sure it belonged there in the first place.

Now, if anybody's interested in Il Attire I have that too haha.
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