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God, my mom was so abusive today! Woke up at 11am (because she was slamming shit). Took a shower and whatever and then she told me to clear out something from my old drawer and then put it a new drawer (my cousin kindly gave us hers-it's very pretty and gives the guest house some character! It looks like something Sarah from The Craft would have in her room! ). I asked her an innocent question and she just snapped at me. God, don't bite my head off! I thought -.-

Then 20 minutes ago, she made some tea and asked me if I wanted some. I had a cup full of Dr. Pepper so I declined. To which she replied, "See, if I make you anymore tea in the future, bitch!" D: What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, mom?!?!? Just what the fuck! I didn't really react just simply went and poured it into a big cup then put it in the fridge. I'll drink it tomorrow night. Fuck, I'm happy she's leaving tomorrow for the week! With that mood of hers, I want her gone and out of my sight. I really can't take it when she's in one of her moods. Calling me a bitch. Like wtf, where is all this coming from and why is she taking it out all on me?

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