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Bought a Google Play gift card earlier but the cashier didn't activate it so I have to fucking go back tomorrow and either get it activated or get a refund.

While my sister was fixing it, she was acting a little hostile with me but I managed to brush it off. When I asked for the receipt back, she got a little panicky and agitated. I had to tell her "RELAX!" but she tried to reflect it back on me (I asked calmly for the receipt but she was the one that escalated it-it was all in her tone) and said that I was the one freaking out. I got mad for 2 minutes but then I calmed down after listening to a couple songs from my Wentworth soundtrack playlist. Now? I'm just like, " Oooookay, yeah. I'm the one freaking out here. Clearly........"

Sooooooooooo! Anyway, yeah the walk to the store tomorrow is probably going to be a quiet event. I better load up my phone with really good music Note to self! Ask the cashier if he/she loaded if before going home with the gift card.
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