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Disappointed! :/ We were supposed to go get a refund or get the Google Play card activated but apparently my sis had other plans (and then got lazy) and totally forgot about it once she got home. Then she got into an argument with her son and I just wasn't having it, so I laid down, pulled the covers up, turned over and fell asleep. Woke up at 10pm, had some dinner and here we are *sighs*

And to top it off, she fucking woke me up at 8am by slamming the door (she even woke my mom up too) when she came in and took a shower. 20 minutes ago, she told my mom that I was on the phone Uhm, okay? I was not even on the phone I was fucking sleeping........I think she was thinking of yesterday. But whatever. I'm not going to let her ruin tomorrow for me. I hope she takes me back to the store because I am not going to let $25 go down the fucking drain. If I get a refund, I'm going to go to Sally's where I'm gonna buy some hair dye and some nail polishes. And if I get the card activated I'm going to spend the fuck out of it on music and books.
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