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Can I ever fucking eat in peace?!?!?!?!?!?!

First, my brother. And now my cousin? I was eating a burger in a restaurant and I was feeling pretty relaxed and just really good. It was nice and grey outside. The burger had too much lettuce and my cousin had this judgy look in her face and said, "Crystal should just get a burger that just has meat, cheese and the bun. She's taking everything else off!!".

And? What the hell is it to her? I swear, she's fucking nosy and judgemental​. Plus, she has a serious staring problem. After that, I noticed that I started feeling scared, anxious, hyper aware of my breathing and feeling judged. I couldn't relax.

When will I be able to eat in peace? With no one staring​ at me directly and judging how I eat. Just fucking LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!! Let me be.... please. Just let me be. I hate feeling pressured. Which is why I hate eating in public where there is a lot of people. I don't feel entirely comfortable.

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