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i am so thankful for youtube mp3 and flash video downloader for firefox lol. cant say how much fan concert footage i have of TBM to date and i get as many demo/unreleased shit as i can from them but ill never attempt to download official content illegally. i was so happy when i downloaded all their albums from amazon when i first started listening to them and then i became a superfan so i just had to have the physical copies!! i made a thread about that "videokid collection" dvd that that skullsmasher dude got at a record swap and supposedly its a *winky wink* item. so yes very wrong they would bootleg a concert in florida and profit off it but it wouldve been so fair if they gave it away for free instead of being greedy a-holes and did it legally like the other tbm bootleg dvd. i wouldve loved to see that!
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